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Structured Investments

We have partnered with one of SA’s largest banks to structure specific trade opportunities that aim to take advantage of prevailing market conditions or events. Structured Products allow retail investors to use derivatives to gain exposure to specific underlying assets while still having some degree of protection over their initial capital.

This could provide investors with an element of diversification to their portfolio during the fixed investment period of the trade opportunity.

Clients who invest in these products are agreeing to a fixed term structure that should be held to maturity in almost all cases.

Structured products can bring many derivative benefits to investors who otherwise would not have access to them

These products are designed to facilitate very specific risk-return objectives, such as the below:

  • Capital guarantees
  • Leveraged upside participation
  • Knock in performance booster for markets that are flat or up
  • Yield Enhancement

Bayswater Capital and its clients have used these products in the past to take advantage of specific market opportunities.

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Bayswater Capital is a Structured Investments Specialist

We are a well-established structured investments specialist trusted by high-net-worth and family office clients for our client-specific solutions. As your dedicated investment partner, we will work closely with you to develop bespoke structured investment solutions and innovative investment ideas that preserve your wealth and guide you to lasting financial well-being.

Structured investment products, often known as SIPs, are investment categories that use a tailored product mix to address the needs of individual investors. Derivatives are frequently used in SIPs. Investment banks frequently produce them for hedge funds, businesses, or the mass market of retail customers. Structured products are intended to safeguard your cash or, in certain situations, provide positive returns in place of losses that would have resulted from straight market investment. 

We hope to build long-lasting relationships with our clients that can add value to them across all facets of their financial lives.

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